Satellite communication and instrumentation technologies


ELEP Electronics designs and manufactures spacecraft communication payloads at S-, X- and Ka-band for the micro- and nano-spacecraft platforms. We have achieved the TRL9 in 2021 with our X-band high-speed transmitter payload on-board the NEMO-HD spacecraft (@SPACE-SI). In addition, we develop specialized electronic circuitry and (sub-) systems for our industrial and academic partners that pursue and research high-performance technologies.


We support LEO and MEO satellite ground stations with our advanced single- and dual-band antenna feeds and RF receiving hardware (LNAs, downconverters, synthesizers, custom filters against terrestrial interferences).


With more than 20+ years of experience we are RF and microwave specialists for the digital high-speed designs and also for the analog high frequency electronics (i.e. ultra-short pulse generators, low phase-noise oscillators and amplifier designs, etc.). We are experts for 3D electromagnetic designs and simulations (antennas, parabolic reflector feeds, filters, transmission line and waveguide transitions, etc.). Our past industrial projects included a frequency range from DC to over 1THz.


ELEP Electronics will be happy to assist you solve any potential high-frequency product or research issues and speed-up your product to the market. Please contact us for your special requirements.