ELEP Electronics designs and develops high-performance spacecraft communication payloads. Our flight heritage 1st generation X-band high-speed transmitter payload provides already more than 2.5 years of flawless in-orbit operations.

We are thankful to our partners SPACE-SI and SFL for a fruitful and successful collaboration on the first Slovenian microsatellite mission NEMO-HD, launched in Sept. 2020 by the VEGA-16 rocket from the ESA launch site in French Guiana.


ELEP Electronics 1st gen. X-band high-speed transmitter payload on-board the NEMO-HD.


High-speed X-band transmitter payload TXC-200

Based on our flight heritage 1st gen. transmitter payload and the extensive RF&microwave know-how we have developed the world-class 2nd gen. X-band transmitter payload TXC-200.

The payload is a high performance and a compact solution for the future missions, required to download the enormous data on-board the spacecraft. This state-of-the-art X-band transmitter payload enables an easy integration to the micro- and nano-satellite platforms and features up to 200Mbit/s data rate.

Several options are available (FEC and differential encoding, RF output power, in-flight frequency change, mechanical and electrical details and interfaces, etc.), please contact us for more details.


ELEP Electronics 2nd gen. X-band transmitter payload with data rate up to 200Mbit/s.


More information about our 2nd gen. X-band transmitter TXC-200 payload is available here.


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