ELEP Electronics designs and develops high-performance device- and system-level ground station HW equipment. We support our clients with the reflector antenna feeds and RF/microwave systems, such as low-noise amplifiers, up- and down-converters, custom filters, power-level detectors, control systems for the satellite TT&C uplinks (i.e. VSWR monitor due to the heavy rain, ice or malfunction on the VHF or UHF uplink antennas). Please contact us for your specific and custom needs.


Dual-band dual-polarization auto-track S+X-band feed FSXD

ELEP Electronics offers simple single-band and advanced dual-band prime-focus feeds for the parabolic reflector antennas. Our single-band feed on the X-band (7.8 – 8.5GHz) and the dual-band feed on the S+X-bands (2.2 – 2.3GHz and 7.8 – 8.5GHz) are optimized for an ultra low-noise operation, maximizing the G/T of the ground station’s receiving performance. The feeds are optimized for the reflectors with f/d ratios between 0.35 and 0.45.


We provide a dual-band dual-polarization (switchable RHCP/LHCP on the S-band and simultaneous RHCP/LHCP on the X-band) prime-focus feed with an optional auto-track feature. The feed is lightweight, rugged and easy to mount on your ground station dish antenna. The performance is optimized for the lowest noise operation on the X-band. The ultra low-noise amplifiers for both bands are available, see below.


ELEP Electronics dual-polarization dual-band (S+X) prime-focus feed with an optional auto-track operation on X-band.


More information about our dual-polarization dual-band (S+X) prime-focus FSXD feed is available here.


The simple single-frequency X-band prime-focus feed is optimized for the reflector antennas with f/d around 0.4. It is a low-noise and an affordable solution for the smaller ground stations operating in the X-band (7.8 – 8.5GHz). We can customize the feed for your specific frequency upon request.


ELEP Electronics single-polarization (RHCP or LHCP) X-band prime-focus feed.


X-band programmable and block downconverters DCP-X | DCB-X

ELEP Electronics provides various ground station RF receiving-chain sub-systems, such as compact programmable and block downconverters and low-noise amplifiers on the S- and X-band frequencies.


We provide compact, rugged and low-noise X-band programmable and block downconverters. The input frequency range is between 7.8 and 8.4GHz (the X-band deep-space band upon request). The output fixed-IF frequency from the programmable downconverter is 720MHz (other IF frequencies are optional) and the output frequency range for the block downconverter is 0.8 to 1.4GHz.



ELEP Electronics low-noise X-band programmable (left) and block downconverter (right).


More information about our X-band programmable DCP-X downconverter is available here.

More information about our X-band block DCB-X downconverter is available here.


X-band ultra low noise LNA

Our X-band ultra low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) with the NF<0.55dB (typ.) and G>12dB (single stage) or G>30dB (double stage) feature a high IP3 and P1dB.


ELEP Electronics X-band ultra low-noise amplifier (LNA) with NF<0.55dB.


S-band programmable downconverter DCP-S

The ground station installations in the (sub)urban areas are plagued by the terrestrial RF interferences. The GSM/UMTS/LTE base stations and the DVB-T signals create powerful noises and possible detrimental effects (i.e. LNA saturation) for the low-noise satellite ground stations operating in the S-band at 2.2 – 2.3GHz. ELEP Electronics provides a high noise-rejection S-band programmable downconverter to mitigate the mentioned problems. This rugged and reliable downconverter is optimized for the satellite S-band ultra low-noise operation, while at the same time it provides a high-rejection of the out-of-band noise signals from the powerful terrestrial transmissions. ELEP Electronics developed a special ultra low-noise amplifier (LNA) for this application with noise figure below 0.45dB. Two sharp and ultra-low insertion loss filters are optionally included with the downconverter and are also available as a standalone devices. The output fixed-IF frequency from the downconverter is 140MHz (other IF frequencies are optional).


ELEP Electronics low-noise S-band programmable downconverter with a high out-of-band noise rejection.


More information about our S-band programmable DCP-S downconverter is available here.


S-band ultra low noise LNA

Our S-band ultra low-noise amplifier (LNA) with the NF<0.45dB and G>16dB features a high IP3 and P1dB.


ELEP Electronics S-band ultra low-noise amplifier (LNA) with NF<0.45dB.


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